Candles, Oils, Spells, etc.

Here is a tentative list of other services I offer. Prices and services are subject to change.

Exorcism: $500 minimum suggested gift amount (covers the compensation for my time and skills, and the necessary ritual materials). Cannot be done remotely. Client must pay for transportation.*

Funeral Service: $50, or sliding scale. Only available to local clients.  Client must pay for transportation.*

Magic Oil, Potion, or Tincture: $52 for a half ounce. (Does not include shipping.)

8-Inch Spell or Icon Candle: $45 Candles are decorated with my own art, and come charged, dressed, and with spell instructions. (Does not include shipping.)

Spell Kits and Charm Bags: $50 Includes necessary spell materials plus instructions and sigils. (Does not include shipping.)

Myself (Banshee) Performing a Spell for You: $100 on top of the cost of a tarot reading about the thing for which you want me to do a spell. I will not perform a spell without doing divination on it first.

Myself (Banshee) Performing a Curse for You: Curses are pro bono. I will only perform them for survivors looking to avenge themselves or a family member.

If you would like me to make any of these items, or perform any of these services for you please email me at:, and put the good or service that you want as the subject line.
Please feel free to ask about any service not listed here. Send inquiries to:


Things I Will Not Do:

  • Talk to a dead relative for you.
  • Love Spells.
  • Break-Up Spells.
  • Cursing someone over something insignificant.


*I, Banshee, am legally ordained to perform weddings, funerals, and other clerical services in the State of Louisiana. 

Spells, incantations, candles, potions, etc., and other items available through this site are classified as artwork, and are Banshee’s intellectual property. When purchasing one of these items you are paying for the raw materials, time, and care put into making the item/artwork, whether it is a physical object, or a digital good or service. You are NOT paying for the perceived metaphysical result that the item may or may not have, as such results cannot be guaranteed. These are simply religious artworks and services, and all prices are listed as SDP, that is: “suggested donation price” or SGA, “suggested gift amount.”

In the state of Louisiana all handmade artworks and goods are free of sales tax, as well as all goods shipped out of state, as such, all prices are as marked. However, the SDP does not include shipping. All goods and services will include an invoice or receipt in digital form, via paypal, email, or SMS. All sales, tips, donations, etc. are final. 


You can read customer reviews of my readings and other services here.

If you have any questions email, or text 504-457-7751.

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