I am legally ordained and may perform weddings in the state of Louisiana.

I realized that there are not a lot of non-handfasting (read: fertility-focused or neo-wiccan) options for pagan/polytheist couples as far as wedding officiants go…especially for LGBTQIA+ folks since a lot of pagan sects and their priesthood are painfully heteronormative and/or gender essentialist. Also, my own sister, an atheist and secular humanist, had a lot of difficulty finding someone who could officiate her wedding in a strictly secular manner.

I firmly believe that everyone has a right to a wedding ceremony that validates their identity.

If you are a pagan, polytheist, atheist, pantheist, secular humanist, witch, gnostic, gay, lesbian, bixesual, pansexual, polyamourous, transgender, non-binary, asexual, or any combination of the above, or anyone who wants a non-Christian wedding, I will not only perform your marriage, but I will also custom-write a ceremony that fits your needs, preferences, and pronouns.

My rates typically vary from $98 to $250, depending on the length of the wedding, the rehearsal, and the distance I need to travel for both. (Also, parking is expensive in New Orleans.) If you are eloping for a 5-minute shotgun wedding just pay me $20. If you want me to compose the ceremony, but you want someone else to officiate it, the cost is $25 for the write-up (includes both the words of the ceremony and the ritual instructions). I will accept cash, PayPal, or a personal check.

What you need to let me know while composing your ceremony:

  1. How long do you want the wedding service to be? Ten minutes? An hour? Do you want it to include a speech or sermon about love?
  2. Are there any gods, spirits, higher powers, etc. that you would like me to call upon to bless and witness your union? If yes, then who? (Atheists and Secularists just say “I want a secular ceremony.”)
  3. Are you comfortable with alcohol being involved in the ceremony? Would you like alcohol in the ceremony? (For you and your spouse to share, or as an offering to the spirits and ancestors, or both.) If yes, then what kind? (Usual choices are: Mead for the sweetness of love, Wine for passion and commitment, and Ale for abundance and comfort. I can also use rose water for a blessing.)
  4. What will the layout of the gathering be? Two sections of guests with an aisle down the middle? Or all the guests seated together with aisles on either side?
  5. Do you want the ceremony to be done under or in front of a canopy, chuppah*, arch, gazebo, four pillars representing the elements, or two pillars representing you and your spouse, etc..? If yes, then please specify. (Remember, you and your wedding decorator or planner are in charge paying for such a prop.)  *If you plan on using a chuppah, I expect that either you or your partner is Jewish. However, keep in mind that I am not ordained as a Rabbi, so I cannot technically perform a Jewish wedding.
  6. Will the parents or friends be walking the spouses up the aisle, or will the couple walk together at the same time?
  7. Will there be a ring bearer, OR will the maid  (or maids) of honor, the best man (or best men), or friends of honor be carrying the ring the whole time? (Also be sure to note the pronouns of the members of the wedding party.)
  8. Please specify what roles you would like the members of your wedding party to play in the ceremony.
  9. How do you want to be pronounced? You will not be limited to just gendered terms like husband or wife. You may even choose legal titles like “Doctor.” You can even have me say “I now pronounce you legally wed,” and skip over the whole titles and pronouns thing.
  10. Specify any particular ritual items you’d like me to include, such as: handfasting cord, a “unity candle”, a lightsaber, a talking skull…anything you want.
  11. Will you and your spouse be writing your own vows, or would you like me to write them for you, or would you like to use traditional ones?
  12. Let me know what the color scheme and dress code for your wedding is so I know what to wear: pants suit, a dress, necromancer robes, a fairy costume, etc.

Things to remember: It is up to you to go to the county and pay for your license to get married, I provide you with the marriage certificate to prove you are legally married. For instructions on how to get your marriage license in Orleans parish, please click here.

Please email me at: to discuss your wedding service options.