The Banshee Behind the Blog

Bodacious  is a word that evolved in American English from the words “bold” and “audacious”. It is taken to mean audacious in a way considered admirable, and even attractive. As a small child I took the word to be somehow connected with Boudica, the ancient warrior queen of the Celtic Iceni tribe. As an adult I discovered that the word and the name are etymologically unrelated. Still, I can’t break such a long held mental association. Besides, Boudica was a pretty bodacious lady. The banshee part comes from the Irish “bean sidhe”, literally meaning “fairy woman”, but usually used in reference to spirits that scream and wail to warn of impending death. Banshee has been a nickname of mine for years for various reasons. On here and Tumblr I refer to myself as Banshee. I also go by Aletheia (Greek: unconcealedness, revealed, unhindered, openness. A word often simply translated to “truth”) in other forums where I discuss my practice. A few people know me on a first-name basis, if we start speaking regularly you might, too. I also go by Red, much like any other ginger.

This is where I dump my rants and musings about the magic, mythology, the occult, polytheism, necromancy and a variety of other subjects in that vein.

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