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Comparative Mythology

“By learning how to interpret and analyze both the narrative structure and the spirit of myth one can build their own poetic and mythic voice for the construction of rituals and formulation of spells in their own tradition. With an approach that is both academic and mystical, drawing upon history, anthropology, etymology, psychology, and even divination; students will become intimate with mythic themes beyond surface-level syncretism. This class is an invaluable resource for practitioners and pagans of all paths and backgrounds looking to build a solid historical and mythic foundation for their practice.”

Registration for the Spring online courses begin this week.  UPDATE: you can sign up now by clicking this link!

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“This course is two hours long from 7-9pm for six weeks on Thursday nights; February 25th, March 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th, and 31st. This is an in-depth online class given by Julia “Banshee” McGalloway and hosted through a brilliant chat and screensharing based platform. Students do not need to attend this event session live in order to enroll. Courses are recorded and put into a shared folder for further study.”

Message Banshee or the NOSEA on Facebook for more info.

Download the syllabus here[pdf]

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