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The greatest evils in this world are not born of spirits
or powers and principalities,
the evil in this world is born of Man
and the traumas he induces
and the violence he commits.
Don’t let them try to quell your wrath.
Anger is your right.
Do not forgive.
Never, ever forget.
Oppression is a system,
but it is built and maintained by men.
The system is intangible,
but men are not.
Don’t let them tell you
your enemies are not flesh-and-blood.
Don’t let them tell you
that you have no enemies.
You know who they are
and you know what they do.
Do not let them steal your anger.
Let it boil in your veins til you breathe fire.
Burn their ivory towers to the ground.
Previous revolutions have failed
because the old system stayed in place,
it was always the same patriarchy,
the same oligarchy,
the same theocracy,
just with a new face and a new name.
Not this time.
The Forgotten Ones are waking,
and they will tear this world apart.
Listen to what they whisper in your dreams.
You who were born when the Lord of the Dead
visited the Venomous Keeper of Oaths
will usher in a new era,
and you who were born after will see it through.
Hold on to your fire and venom,
embrace it,
feel it,
use it.
The False Kings already tremble before you.
These are the death-throes of the Architecture of Deceit—
The Darkness before the the rise of the Torch of Heaven.
Keep your hearts ablaze.

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3 thoughts on “dragonsbreath”

  1. Really wonderfully powerful and inspirational. I feel this is the spirit of revolution and that it is awakening in the United States and must prevail in order for us to save our country. If we do not stop the influx of hostile, destructive patriarchal hoardes, we pagans will not have any freedom or future….we will be back into the Dark Ages if we survive at all.

    1. Thanks. Unfortunately I’d hardly call the patriarchal hordes an “influx” as they seem to have already been hiding here in plain sight for quite sometime, it is just that the events of recent years seems to have “drawn them out of the woodwork,” so to speak. Assholes tend to flock behind the loudest asshole, and with more politicians actively pushing their medieval worldviews these people are just becoming more vocal about theirs.

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