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Dear readers, followers, subscribers, and patrons:

As a writer, an artist, an educator, a folklorist, and a freelance sorceress I devote a lot of time to research and writing in order to produce quality informational blog posts and acdemically informed classes and workshops at the New Orleans School for Esoteric Arts ( I also put a lot of research and divination into my talismanic art projects. Each drawing, sculpture, painting, and digital graphic is created after weeks (sometimes months) of reading and planning. The payoff is not very big, but in many ways my work is its own reward. I do what I can to make the world a little more magical in my own way. Sometimes I am commissioned to do spellwork for people, and oftentimes those people are young women in financial need trying to protect themselves or a loved one from abuse. As such, I do not charge for my magical service, and I leave the donation option as strictly optional. I also tend to leave my divination fees as merely “suggested donations” because I do not believe that oracular services should only be accessible to those with money.

As interest and demand for my work rises, the hours I have available for both “a normal job” and leisure dwindle. I’ve been asked to be a guest writer on other sites, I’ve been asked to start thinking about publishing a book, I’ve been asked to help plan a national occult conference, I’ve been asked to start making videos, I’ve been asked to teach more classes, and I feel blessed and honored by all this, but none of these things put food on the table or keep a roof over my head. My last muggle employer even went out of her way to make sure that I had no prep time before my weekly NOSEA classes out of sheer spite, despite the business owner specifically telling her to work with my teaching schedule. The emotional and physical stress of that situation took qutie a toll on me. I never want to be in a scenario like that again. My work within the magical community, locally and online, is a labor of love and like any artist I want to be able to support myself doing what I love.

If enough fans of my work join together in pledging small monthly donations it will alleviate a lot of my stress and allow me to commit more time to bettering the magical community and allow me to continue providing assistance to individuals at little to no cost. Every dollar brings me that much closer to publishing a book you want to read, making a video you want to see, recording a podcast you want to hear, making a painting you want to own, organizing an event you want to attend, etc., etc.. Help me make this a reality.



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