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[image: “Good Night White Pride – Thor Vs Nazi” from reptiloidenkommunist on DeviantArt – all credit goes to the artist]

Once again recent events have lead me to my keyboard. Baton Rouge is literally close to home—it’s the capital of the state in which I live. To say that Louisiana has always had a racism problem would be a gross understatement. To say Louisiana has a gun problem would also be a gross understatement. This place has a long history of violence, especially racially-fueled violence, and that violence continues to this day despite what the New Orleans tourist bureau might try to tell you.

In light of heavily armed militarized police with killer robots and surveillance drones, a famously corrupt state and local government, and a cheeto-faced, toupéed, xenophobic cockwaffle potentially being our next president, the average citizen feels powerless. Every best-case scenario still looks grim. This is the dystopian future of our 1990’s nightmares. Humanity has so much destructive power at its fingertips thanks to advancement in technology, and those in positions of authority are using that power with cruel impunity. And within this dystopian hellscape, emboldened by corrupt political leaders, fascism is rearing its ugly head. Fundamentalism is becoming mainstream. White supremacist groups are gaining political and social traction in America and overseas.

Several months ago Chris Thompson at Gods & Radicals talked about “fascist infiltration” in modern paganism, but infiltration is an inaccurate word. The fascists have been here for a long time. The toxic narrative of white supremacy has been intertwined with the history of modern paganism and witchcraft since its inception during the occult revival of Victorian England. It began with a romanticisation of the history of Western Europe based upon shoddy, Anglo-centric anthropology that was considered legitimate science at the time. This set the precedent for Hitler’s co-opting of Teutonic mythology and symbolism and the rest is history. (Of course I am not saying that all European paganism is inherently racist. More on that here.)

Except this history is not stuck in the past (though those who adhere to it are), Jack Faust put it succinctly when he said you can pick any Left Hand Path occult author and there’s a coin-flip’s chance that they’re a neo-Nazi. The same goes for Norse Paganism. You can’t even watch a YouTube video of Swedish cow-herding song without seeing some skinhead douchenozzles making some xenophobic statements in the comments section. And this current of white supremacist ideas has found its way into Gaelic/Celtic circles as well. I once saw a woman on an Irish Facebook page rant about how the people of Ireland need to “take back” their country from immigrants and bring it back to “the days of Cú Chulainn”…like what the everloving fuck? Is she saying Ireland needs to go back to the days of neighboring clans fighting to the death over cattle? Yeah, sounds like a real utopia. The anti-immigrant sentiment is just ridiculous seeing as, statistically, there are more people of Irish descent living in just the New England region of the United States than there are on the entire island of Ireland.

The problem areas are obvious and have been obvious for decades.

If the white occultists, witches, and pagans of the Western world want to stand a chance of preserving any semblance of religious freedom, if we want to stand in solidarity with our Black, Asian, Latinx, Native American and other PoC brothers and sisters, we absolutely must destroy the currents of racism and xenophobia (and other -isms and phobias) that run rampant within the magical community. That is where we can start, that is where our influence is the strongest. Trying to curse Trump or the entire KKK is not likely to yield any tangible results. (Though I suppose it does not hurt to try.)

What will not change things is more of this attitude of “smug liberalism” from “good white guys”. What will not change things is the “not racist” people staying in their safe, insulated social circles, distancing themselves from the “bad guys”. In Andi Grace’s post “8 ways white witches can support #BlackLivesMatter” at the Little Red Tarot they talk about “spiritual bypassing”. Spiritual bypassing is when people use spirituality as a means of avoiding or distancing themselves from issues that make them uncomfortable. (You can read a detailed article on the subject in the click-though link.) It is when people stick their fingers in their ears yelling “love and light!” when others in the community try to address real issues like racism, sexism, homophobia, and other isms and phobias. These spiritual bypassers choose to ignore problems and dangers under the guise of trying to “avoid negative energy”. This needs to stop.

“If fascism could be defeated in debate, I assure you that it would never have happened, neither in Germany, nor in Italy, nor anywhere else.” – Frank Frison, Holocaust survivor

My Norse and Celtic pagan and polytheist brothers and sisters must realize that while all y’all are busy making new “safe” pagan groups to distance yourselves from the racist ones, those racist groups are growing in number…and they are arming themselves. The extremist group “Soldiers of Odin” and similar gangs are boldly walking the streets threatening the safety of minorities. It’s 2016 and there’s fucking bonafide Nazis stabbing people in Anaheim. Do you think Facebook arguments with Breitbart twats are gonna save lives in this situation? The fuck it’s not. In his article “It’s Time to Ring the Alarm About White Nationalism,” Spencer Sunshine highlights the rise of outspoken, violent right-wing extremists since the beginning of this election season, and how the cops are refusing to make arrests (presumably because many cops are Klan members).

Aside from police support and racist ideas, do you know what else these neo-nationalists have that the pacifist pagans do not? They have weapons, training, and a long-term plan. What made the Occupy movement fall apart was the lack of charismatic leaders, organization, and well-defined goals. We cannot afford to have a repeat of that…not when there are men shooting into crowds of Black Lives Matter protesters in Portland. I’ve been shot at before. Having a gun pointed at you is kind of more of a matter of “when” than “if” in Nola. I’m gonna tell you something that you might not realize till faced with the potential of imminent death: death itself is not nearly as scary as the prospect of a life lived with the constant threat of imminent harm or death. This is the reality that immigrants and people of color live with every day and it is only going to get worse in the current political climate. The New Right has already radicalized. This reality is only going to extend and harm more and more people as time goes on.

The Left Hand Path continues to harbor white nationalists, notably this past year an actual “alternative-right” politician Augustus Invictus was slated to speak at the International Left Hand Path Consortium in Atlanta, Georgia. Event organizer (and likely ex-Thelemite) Laurie Pneumatikos even openly defended him. Other speakers pulled themselves from the conference roster in condemnation of the Consortium’s decision. People made plans to protest the event and interrupt and heckle Invictus’ speech. Once the Atlanta police department got word of this they expressed public safety concerns since when fascist and anti-fascist groups clash there is often violence. After all this outrage and concern Pneumatikos and the Consortium had to rescind their support of Invictus, and Pneumatikos resigned from the planning committee. Sadly, though he and his organization are known for promoting equality and social justice, Lucien Greaves withdrew himself from the conference, saying that “the dis-invitation [of Invictus] sends a harmful message in support of censorship.” Greaves’ choosing of Invictus’ “right” to hate speech over the right of the community to condemn him for it was probably the most disappointing revelation from that debacle. Greaves’ brand of Satanism as a philosophy is supposed to defend the rights of the underdogs and condemn those who are against equality. Luciferianism is supposed to be about enlightenment, yet we still have this bullshit literalist interpretation floating around of the “witchblood” of Cain/Azazel which teters dangerously into racist territory. Thelema claims to promote “love,” yet the O.T.O. is a comfortable place for right-wing occultists, and the more “Typhonian” it is in flavor the more likely the racist undercurrent. Hell, as I was typing this I just saw a guy from the local Oasis proudly refer to himself as a “reactionary/right wing, parental traditionalist,” on Facebook in his own words. 

As a sorceress with Celtic and Nordic/Germanic inclinations and ancestry and venerates some of those gods and ancestors, as a sorceress with Luciferian ideals, as a sorceress who is sympathetic to Satanic philosophy, as a sorceress who venerates chthonic serpent deities not unlike Typhon, I am livid that these fascist cockroaches have ran around freely among these communities for so long. And if you practice these things and you have a conscience you should be angry, too.

To the white nationalist sympathizers who are going to read this and start bitching about how being pro-Black and pro-immigrant is somehow anti-European, I advise you to read up on the difference between being proud of your heritage and being ethnocentric. “White” is not an ethnicity…therefore “white pride” is a stupid, ahistorical concept that was invented as a result of Europe’s historical and cultural ignorance after centuries of war and monotheism, and enforced today so that poor people will not rise up against their wealthy oppressors by scapegoating other ethnic groups to create an external enemy. If you buy into the myth of a “white” identity, and think that this fabrication is something to take “pride” in, then I pity your ignorance…you’re letting yourself get spoon-fed propaganda by the System.

“Only one thing could have stopped our movement—if our adversaries had understood its principle and from the first day smashed with the utmost brutality the nucleus of our new movement.” -Hitler, on how the Nazi movement could have been stopped

So how do we fight these toxic ass-wads and their outdated ideas that are running rampant within the esoteric community? Whatever you do, don’t play nice.

  1. Speak up. Is there a guy in your local coven, order, lodge, temple, etc. that is openly bigoted? Call him out on it. Put him on the spot. Humiliate him in front of his superiors. Collect receipts, send screenshots and videos of his bullshit to his superiors…send it to those superiors’ superiors. If they do nothing call the whole organization out. Blast it all over the internet. The occult world is small, the backlash will be swift.
  2. Trap them. Catch them doing or saying something illegal and record it. Anonymously notify the correct authorities. If he’s racist he’s probably also a raging misogynist, here is a pretty high percent chance he beats women. Bust him for that.
  3. Sabotage. Sabotage everything. Their protests, their social events, their rituals…their relationships. Sabotage them physically, sabotage them magically. Block them at protests. Blast distractingly loud noises in the vicinity of their rituals. Curse them liberally.
  4. Vote with your dollar. When people pulled their financial support from the Atlanta LHP conference via vowing not to go and through speakers dropping out, they were eventually forced to drop Augustus Invictus. That’s the power of peer pressure…and money. Pressure conferences. Pressure publishers. Let them know that they are condoning hate groups. Tell publishers and conferences that you want to see more diversity. Openly support and promote occultists and witches of color.
  5. Learn a martial art/self-defence. Neo-Nazis are violent, if you are able-bodied consider learning how to defend yourself and your friends. Offer to work security for #BlackLivesMatter and other activist events. Use your power of privilege for good.
  6. Get a weapon. Are you mentally stable enough to own a weapon? Do you live in an open-carry state? If so get a weapon. I don’t care if it’s a knife, a bat, a gun, or fucking nunchucks…as long as it’s legal in your state, carry it. Know how to use it. Your enemy does. Neo-Nazis love their guns. I hate guns, but I like not getting shot or raped. If you stand up for what is right it is likely that you will get death threats.
  7. Educate the young ones. Kids raised in conservative, fundamentalist households don’t know any better. A teen raised in Asatru is like a teen raised in Christianity, they know no other way…show them. Lead by example. An 18 to 21 year old can still change their worldview. Young minds are malleable and they are the future, change that future for the better if you can.
  8. Radical organization. Do you have other occulty, witchy, pagany friends who want to help change this mess we’re in? Start a group! Practice all seven of the previously mentioned suggestions that you can, and practice them together. Be secretive, don’t use Facebook to connect. Speak in code. Write notes and burn them. Discuss your plans at secret rendezvous. Form a wolf pack and root out the fascist insects.
  9. Take back the Punk and Metal scene. White supremacists have taken over folk metal and bastardized punk. Make music. Wonderful, witchy, aggressive, anti-fascist music. Be like Doro Pesch and use your music and your heritage to speak out against those committing atrocities in the name of your ancestors. If you don’t make music, support and promote anti-fascist and anti-racist music. Also, use the “anything goes” of the moshpit to get a few punches and kicks into your local skinheads at local shows.
  10. Take care of yourself. Fighting the good fight is emotionally and physically exhausting, and can even put you in physical danger. Do what you need to to keep yourself healthy and safe.
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5 thoughts on “Cockroaches in Wolves’ Clothing: Fighting the Fascist Undercurrent”

  1. This was such a welcome read. Over the past couple years I’ve become both more left-wing in my politics and more interested in some form of cultural expression I had access to without contributing to the collective social trauma caused by Empire and the construct of whiteness. I see the links between pagan revivalism and an explicit opposition to whiteness and fascism, since the culture that is being revived was from a time before both the politicized racial caste system and the nation state.

    A part of the Tumblr left came down hard on a post I made about a week ago, where I called upon white people to reject the racial caste system and the capitalist class society that keeps it materially afloat, alongside a more “constructive” call to take interest in the indigenous European culture of their ancestors pre-whiteness. Some argued that I was “using privilege politics (with regard to my opposition to cultural appropriation of historically-dominated cultures) in the service of a pseudo-fascist traditionalism”. Essentially they were arguing that there’s a strong connotation of fascism within paganism, completely overlooking how the general public has foisted all kinds of unfounded connotations onto to the anti-capitalist left.

    In short, I really appreciate seeing other pagans out there taking on a very overt opposition to racism and fascism, an opposition that’s INFORMED BY their paganism and revivalism. I hope we can see more of this in the community over the years so that the right-wing surge can be weeded out.

  2. Before I make any statement here, I need to preface it with the following statement:
    I am a single mother of a Biracial Child.

    I am a woman who has friends of many different beliefs and sexual orientations.
    I retired from the Veterans Administration Hospital after 26 years of service.
    I am an Armenian who knows about Atrocities committed against 62 members of my family (they died from those Atrocities).
    I am NOT a politically correct person at times.

    I am NOT a supporter of the AFA nor am I a supporter of the Troth. My reasons are my own; from my OWN experiences with both sides. And I made it a point to EXPERIENCE both sides. The Gods have guided me thru my journey to get me where I am now. Hail the Gods!!!!

    I am Heathen. Nothing more. Nothing less.

    I am a protector of my family and of the Veterans. I KNOW what these men and women go thru in the Middle East. I know what Atrocities these Veterans have faced and what they are facing this very evening over there. I know what Hell these returning Veterans are facing NOW here in the US.
    I KNOW that they need their Faith to get them thru their Ordeals. I know that these Veterans need all the support they can get to get them thru the horrors they have faced or are facing every single freakin day they have served or are serving in that Hell they call the Middle East.

    Let me give you some examples of what these Men and Women face EVERY day of their Service besides Bullets, Bombs, and unfriendlies.
    They see women who have been raped disfigured, stoned, and tortured. They see children who are intentionally murdered for accepting candy from American Veterans. Some Veterans have seen Christians nailed to Crosses, gutted. They come across mass graves of women and children way too often, etc. And the Media says nothing.

    The ONLY 3 things that get these Veterans thru their Ordeals are their Family, their Friends, and their Gods.

    Now you want to ‘OUT’ them to the DOJ??? You want to control their Beliefs???? How very decent of you. How kind of you. How UNHEATHEN of you.

    These young Men and Women need all the support they can get to just get them thru their day. And now because YOUR perception of Racism and that a Veteran HAPPENS to belong to an Heathen Organization who HAS shown their support to these Veterans; those Veterans are AUTOMATICALLY RACIST.

    How do I know what a Veteran goes thru, you ask? Work at a VA then you will understand. However I also have had my family who faced these very Atrocities 100 years ago.

    I am Armenian. I know what the Veterans face in these Muslim countries. (by the by…being a Muslim is NOT A RACE, it denotes a follower of Islam). My family has kept records of the Atrocities carried out by order of Talaat Pasha, the then Ruler of Turkey. Rape of young children and women, Molestation, Slavery, and Murder….all carried out by orders PREFACED by parts of the Qoran. There is plenty of proof; research it.

    I KNOW how the Armenians felt when NO Government OTHER THAN GERMANY recognized the Genocide of Armenians. To this day we are discounted and unrecognized by any other Government as to the loss of our families and our country.

    I am unfamiliar as to how the Troth supports our Active Duty Veterans: do they send gifts to Veterans with cleaning supplies , words from the Havamal, cookies, etc on a regular basis. Does the Troth send cards quoting the Havamal in support of these fighting men and women???

    If the Troth doesn’t YOU SHOULD. Present YOUR side of Heathenism to these Veterans, without prejudice. Gift them the knowledge of the Troth along with your friendship and with gifts of things we take for granted ie: like soap, shampoo, deodorant, cookies. etc.

    I am appalled at the AFA and the Troth. I am appalled with the Adults who use Veterans in petty differences.

    Now wait, I am not saying Racism is Petty….I am saying that due to what these Veterans have faced or are facing in the Middle East right now; And right now these Veterans are facing something a whole lot worse than Racism, they are facing Life and Death;EVERY SINGLE HOUR of their Tour of Duty.

    These Veterans are already Targets by our own Government just work at a VA; now you want to Hurt them worse.

    Shame. Shame on all who would intentionally go out of their way to Destroy a Veteran who has already faced Death and returned.


    1. I don’t know what you are responding to, but it is not this article. I think you may have clicked on the wrong link.

    2. Also, my dad was a Vietnam vet, so if you think I’m ani-veteran you can kindly go fuck yourself.

    3. pulling completely unrelated arguments out of your ass to try to attack people for making points you disagree with must be pretty stressful all the time so next time remember to stretch before reaching this hard so that maybe you won’t pull quite so badly.

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