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Adventures in Academia

I have some great news, y’all! While what was to be the first Greater New Orleans Magic and Esotericism (or G.N.O.M.E.) conference had to be cancelled this year, and I had to cut ties with NOSEA and it’s director for professional reasons, a new opportunity has arisen for me:

The International Association for Comparative Mythology has accepted a paper of mine as a poster (meaning it will be published in their peer-reviewed journal) for this year’s conference in Edinburgh, Scotland. 

This will be my debut in professional academia. While I will not be giving a full presentation like some of the other authors and researchers, if I attend the conference I can do a Q&A session about my paper during the discussion period of the event. This will be important if I wish to give a full presentation next year. As this is my first peer-reviewed paper, and my first year of IACM membership, I need to go and make a good impression on the Harvard graduates who run the association. Next year when they can put a face and a paper to my name, I will stand a better chance of getting a larger speaking slot during the conference.

I will also finally get to meet and listen to some other researchers who have influenced my own work and the work of my favorite authors.

Oh, and wait til you hear the theme! This year’s theme is “Creatures of the Night: Mythologies of the Otherworld and Its Denizens.” Perfect, right?

I’m so excited and overwhelmed for this opportunity that I have dreamed of since I was a teen.

Here is the catch: Flights to Edinburgh from New Orleans are quite expensive, especially during the summer.

The 11th Annual Conference of the International Association for Comparative Mythology will be held between June 8th and 10th, possibly with some sort of excursion on the 11th. As such, I will probably want to arrive no later than the 7th and leave no earlier than the 12th. Flights for these dates run about $1000, and will only go up the closer it gets to my desired departure date. 

I would also like to leave myself a $100 cushion for luggage, price fluctuations, and other flight-related fees. Luckily hotel prices seem pretty low and should only run about $250 for my entire stay. Bus fare looks like it should only be about $5 a day, which comes out to $30 total (I might even be able to get a 1-week pass for less). I think $150 can cover food and beverages for 6 days, especially since the conference will include a banquet one of the days. That food will be included in the $70 conference fee.

That all comes out to $1600 total. That means if only one hundred of you, my blog fans, Tumblr followers, etc. donate $16 each (the price of a 5-card tarot reading) I can go to Edinburgh and back in one piece.

Since academic journals are expensive, to show my gratitude I will give each of the donors a FREE PDF of my paper from the journal. (Otherwise you’d have to wait a year and then buy the entire journal at full price just to read my article.) I will ALSO give each donor a FREE Bodacious Banshee tarot reading voucher!

I was going to do a GoFundMe campaign, but then I looked and saw that their fees are far higher than PayPal’s. GoFundMe wants 7.9% of the entire funds raised plus $0.30 per donation! Which if would mean I’d have to raise about $160 more than my goal just to cover fees. (Yikes!) So instead I will put a fundraising thermometer on this page, and update it every day with the donation totals.

Click here to get Banshee to Edinburgh! 

79% of total goal raised!
(last update: June 3rd at 2:20 pm CST)

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