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Are you bored and looking for things to do during quarantine? Try these fun exercises to enhance your psychic ability! All of these things can be practiced from the safety and comfort of your own home.

This was originally published to my personal Tumblr a few months ago in response to a message from a fan saying they used to feel like they had more psychic talent when they were younger, but they feel like they have lost their touch and were wondering what kind of exercises they can do to increase their abilities again. 

The good news is that it just takes a little practice to get back into shape, so here are some exercises to stretch out your spiritual perception: 

  1. Keep a dream journal 
    This will help you identify recurring themes within both your subconscious and your spiritual landscape. You may find that certain spirits try to communicate with you though dreams. The more you understand your own dreams, the easier it will be to start lucid dreaming or astral projecting. This will also improve not only your psychic perception, and your understanding of yourself, but it will also improve your creative writing ability. 
  2. Guessing games
    Cards, not just tarot cards, are a useful tool in exercising your psychic ability. Playing a “two of a kind” game where you have cards laying face down and you have to guess where the match to the card laying face up is a good way to challenge yourself. Zener cards are specifically designed to test psychic skills, usually one person hold the card while the other person tries to perceive what is on the card psychically. With tarot cards, if you have not used them before, quiz yourself by drawing a random card, and writing down a few sentences about what you think it means, then look it up in a book to see if you were correct. Even if you are wrong, it’s a good way to familiarize yourself with the meanings of the cards, and you will eventually get better once you memorize the symbolism.   

  3. Writing in stream of consciousness style
    For fifteen minutes every day, or at least as often as you can, write in a journal (make sure these entries are separate from your dream entires). And just write whatever thoughts pop into your head. Regardless of if they make sense, or are even complete sentences or thoughts. Just write down whatever words come into your head as you write. Stop when the fifteen minutes are up, unless you find yourself writing some really good prose or something. This exercise may or may not turn into automatic writing, but it can definitely help you tap into something.

  4. Meditation
    Your mind doesn’t have to be totally blank when you meditate, just focus on your breathing and let all your random thoughts pass over you like a river. There are plenty of helpful tutorials and even apps to help you get stated on a meditation practice. Just like the stream of consciousness writing exercise, with time this practice will help you enter a trance state. 

  5. Scrying and remote viewing 
    There are many methods for scrying, I prefer dark mirrors or blackened water myself. Beginning with a plain bowl of water with a bit of oil and a food dye color of your choice is a good place to start. You can focus on a question, person, place, or spirit if you want to, or you can just see what comes up on its own. Stare into the bowl as if you are staring past the bowl, as if you are looking though the bowl and the table at the floor beneath. The abstract shapes of the oil and dye will eventually take some kind of discernible form. Write down or sketch what you see. If you start getting a headache just stop because that means you are straining your eyes too much. Fire scrying is also common, but will most certainly damage your eyes. Remote viewing is similar, get a blank piece of paper and stare at it while trying to see a person or place (if you send a friend out to stand in a random place of their own choosing this is a good way to test yourself) and as you try to imagine this person and their surroundings, write down anything you notice, key words, or sketches of objects and buildings around the subject. Call or text the other person with your description of where you think they are standing to see if you are correct. 

Remember to ground yourself, hydrate, eat, and sleep well when conducting psychic experiments. Dissociation can occur if you overextend yourself. Always use magical/spiritual protection when communing with spirits. If you start to feel ill, just stop, cleanse, and take a break. Just like with physical workouts, you will injure yourself if you push yourself too hard. Small, short, repetitive exercises done over a long period of time are the safest way to improve your ability. 

Cover image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

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