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Great news, y’all! I’ve finally launched my podcast, The Banshee Broadcast! It is currently available to Patreon patrons and direct donors only, and will remain so until after episode 5. After that, the video version, or vlogcast as I’m calling it, will continue to be premium content, while the audio-only version will be made public on most podcasting platforms later.

If you enjoy my work and want access to this vlogcast and/or more exclusive premium content, please consider subscribing to my newly revived Patreon. If you would like to show your support monthly, but do not want nor need exclusive perks or direct emails from me, then you may support me through Flattr, a wonderful app that offers direct monthly support to many of your favorite websites, freeware designers, and content creators such as Wikipedia and GIMP.

The quality of the podcast will improve over time as I gain more experience with the software and podcasting and video as a blogging medium, and as the help of donors in my audience allows me to afford better hardware. The podcast, like everything else I do, is maintained pretty much entirely by me on the technical end. I’m proud to say that I do all the site maintenance myself, and run all my own social media using only the skills I’ve obtained thorough experience. (Thank you Myspace for giving me a basic understanding of HTML from a young age! lol)

I look forward to learning more digital media skills through this vlogcast as you learn more magical skills from me by watching/listening to it!

Please feel free to contact me with suggestions as to what topics you would like featured in future episodes of The Banshee Broadcast!

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