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Star-Card Forecasts For every Sun, Moon, and Rising Sign

For the lunar month beginning August 18th, and ending on September 17th. The Sun sign readings are general life forecasts of the lunar month for those with that sun sign. Please also check your rising/ascendant and moon sign readings for a more precise reading. If you know your birth time you can look up your rising and moon signs on The Rising sign readings look into dating, work, your public image and all other interpersonal and exterior matters. The Moon sign readings offer insight into your emotional and mental state, the concerns that are on your heart and mind and other internal matters. This does not constitute an astrological reading, as that would require your full birth chart, if you would like to consult an astrologer for a personal horoscope I would be happy to recommend one to you, but I do not offer those services myself. 

Aquarius Sun General Forecast: This lunar month you are being forced to access your desire for control over circumstances over which you have none. You should conserve your financial resources right now, but do not feel guilty for spending money on necessities for yourself and your loved ones. If you focus on the needs of your family instead of wishing you could save the world you will find happiness during this time. 

Aquarius Rising Interpersonal Forecast: This lunar month you are going to find peace by escaping an emotionally unfulfilling and draining relationship, likely with a relative, or possibly a substance. This will be a somewhat painful and shocking change to adjust to, but you will feel relieved when you are finally free. 

Aquarius Moon Internal Forecast: Follow your dreams! This lunar month is a good time to start expressing and pursuing the idea that you have been sitting on and mulling over lately. Be confident in your project and do not question your originality. People will like your idea.

Pisces Sun General Forecast: This lunar month you are kind of going through it, and have probably felt stuck since last month, but if you are willing to try to turn your life around you can reclaim your personal power. If you overcome your anxieties this month you will find an opportunity for stability and prosperity. 

Pisces Rising Interpersonal Forecast: A friend once told me that “perfect balance is perfect stagnation.” This lunar month you are coming to realize the truth of that. Though things have been good for you in your relationships, that security is making you feel a little stir-crazy you want to stir the pot–don’t! Relationships aren’t entertainment. Don’t take this stability for granted, if you are bored find healthy ways to spice things up.

Pisces Moon Internal Forecast: This lunar month is about healing your inner wounds, but first you must rip off the bandage. Now is the time to be the mother to your own inner child self. A revelation about a past injury will add more insight to your current situation. Forgive the mistakes that you made, this hurts but it is catharsis in progress. 

Aries Sun General Forecast: This lunar month you have to “keep calm and carry on,” but in this case carrying on means continuing to lay low. You must understand that sometimes the best action you can take is inaction. Refrain from confrontation for now, and have faith that things will be okay even when you don’t say everything that is on your mind. Silence is wisdom. 

Aries Rising Interpersonal Forecast: This lunar month, upon closer consideration, you will realize that a hatchet you once buried never should have been put away. The peace between you and the other person will end and it will hurt. However, this ending is necessary as you needed to cut off this dead branch in order to get new growth. It is okay to grieve though.

Aries Moon Internal Forecast: This lunar month you are struggling with your anxieties. Try not to focus so much on what could go wrong. Self care is vital for you right this month, but be sure to ground yourself in reality and don’t jump into delusions. Realizing you are stuck is the first step to becoming unstuck. Give yourself realistic solutions to existing problems. 

Taurus Sun General Forecast: This lunar month you must temper assertiveness with sensitivity. While now is a good time to pursue your ambitions, you must proceed with gentleness rather than force. Let your intuition guide your creativity and try to avoid being too demanding while taking charge of situations. 

Taurus Rising Interpersonal Forecast: This lunar month you are on the defensive in your relationships. Emotional labor is just that–it’s labor. You have to work hard to grow and maintain connections with people. A little bit of conflict is normal, healthy even, but make sure you are fighting for the people you care about more than you are fighting against them. 

Taurus Moon Internal Forecast: This lunar month you are going to level up. You have been working on your self-control, and it shows. You have made significant advances as a person and are finally in your element. Continue to broaden your personal horizons. Your inner light is gonna shine through. 

Gemini Sun General Forecast: This lunar month is auspicious for you. New opportunities arise, and you know you can succeed even if you also feel like you don’t exactly know what you are doing. Competition is fierce and the goal you are pursuing will demand a lot from you, but despite all conflicts you still shine and no one can hold you down.

Gemini Rising Interpersonal Forecast: You are taking charge in your social life and relationships this lunar month. Your honesty and shrewdness in your assessments of others is going to be good for making new connections and severing old ones. Don’t feel guilty about the friendships that you have outgrown, you grew and they didn’t.

Gemini Moon Internal Forecast: This lunar month you are striving to reconcile your personal ethics with your desire to keep your own secrets. You want intimacy but you also desire privacy. You have a tendency to use the guise of logic and “objectivity” to avoid facing your emotions. Self-reliance is great, but you might need to loosen up and embrace your sensitive side. 

Cancer Sun General Forecast: You are about to go through a big, cathartic change this lunar month. Where you previously felt overwhelmed you will soon find freedom. Whatever was holding you back is about to be cut away and you will find the relief that you have been waiting and hoping for, not just relief but joy as well!

Cancer Rising Interpersonal Forecast: Finances and material needs are straining your relationships this lunar month. You worry that your needs may not be able to be met. While it is true that you should be cautious, excessive stress will only lead you into despair. Try to remain calm and kind, a closed fist is not a hand that is ready to receive. 

Cancer Moon Internal Forecast: You have a lot of big things on your mind this lunar month. You have been really contemplating your internal world, philosophising, thinking about thinking, even your worldview is changing. Now you might consider getting even further educated in these matters which you have been studying. Let your epiphanies guide you.

Leo Sun General Forecast: This lunar month is going to be a bit rough for you emotionally. You are going to feel isolated as you realise that you couldn’t rely on someone whom you had previously trusted. You have to pick up the broken pieces and get back in the saddle though because you still have work to do, even if you now have to do it alone. 

Leo Rising Interpersonal Forecast: This lunar month you are going to learn that a relationship/friendship you thought felt confident in was actually holding you back. Blinded by the other person’s charisma you relinquished some of your personal power, this month you are reclaiming your freedom quite rapidly as that friendship comes to a screeching halt. 

Leo Moon Internal Forecast: This lunar month you are thinking about the mistakes of your past while planning for your future. Because someone previously took advantage of you, you need to learn healthier boundaries, while also being careful not to become too selfish. Be shrewd. If you are gracious and fair, you will receive your fair share in the end.

Virgo Sun General Forecast: This lunar month is your time to grow in your innate skills and talents. The changes that are occurring now are structured around the work which you have already put into your life. This is the kind of work you take pride in because it is a labor of love, and that work is noticed. You are on your way to a position of leadership within your field. 

Virgo Rising Interpersonal Forecast: You are going to have to make some sacrifices regarding dealing with other people this month. You can’t look back now or dwell on what could have been or what you should have done sooner. Be sure to pay any debts you owe, and don’t be too proud to ask someone for assistance if you need help.

Virgo Moon Internal Forecast: This lunar month you should let yourself indulge in a little daydreaming. Wishes that are dwelled upon thoroughly become goals. Stay grounded in reality while constructing your fantasies and they can easily become projects in which others might be willing to invest. This month you will find much inspiration for such projects.

Libra Sun General Forecast: This is going to be a generally fulfilling and satisfying lunar month for you. Your intuition and friendly nature are your greatest strengths right now and if you lead by example people may find comfort in the advice and emotional safety that you can offer them. If you stay disciplined and focused you can find a way to fulfil your desires tangibly now. 

Libra Rising Interpersonal Forecast: You are going to be required to take on an active role as a teacher and nurturer within your social circle this lunar month. This may apply specifically to a crew that you work with or a particular subculture or clique in which you participate. Your skills combined with your gentle manner and charisma makes you ideal for this task right now.

Libra Moon Internal Forecast: This lunar month you are struggling with a vice. In order to break free from the habit that is holding you back you must take active steps to change. You have the strength to break free, you just need to take initiative. Try a different approach than you did the last time you tried to cut this problem out of your life and you will succeed. 

Scorpio Sun General Forecast: This lunar month you must face your feelings of burnout. You have the tools and skills at your disposal to snap out of your funk, you just have to push through and pay attention to your surroundings. Find that spark of ambition within yourself and fan that flame of passion back to life. Your time to shine is coming soon.

Scorpio Rising Interpersonal Forecast: This lunar month you are feeling a bit victimized by friendships or a community that once brought you joy. You want to turn around and cut loose from this group. Perhaps you should, but think about how that might make you look. Be strategic about how and when you cut these ties so that it doesn’t reflect badly on you publicly. 

Scorpio Moon Internal Forecast: You have a lot of mental and emotional baggage this lunar month. You need to admit to your feelings, examine them, and let them go. You can’t keep dwelling on every little thing, you’re spreading yourself too thin. Get in touch with all the feelings you’ve been shoving down and then release them and move on. 

Sagittarius Sun General Forecast: This lunar month you find your freedom. Where you previously felt stuck you now feel enthusiasm again. Your uncertainty will be alleviated as you are able to take charge and find your personal sovereignty again. This is the beginning of a new era for you, so feel free to celebrate this victory. 

Sagittarius Rising Interpersonal Forecast: You will have a very productive partnership this lunar month. A like-minded individual and yourself will realise what you are capable of accomplishing when you work together. You are both observant and intelligent and care deeply about the truth and fairness. Together you will be able to cut down any obstacle. 

Sagittarius Moon Internal Forecast: This lunar month you are actually heavily contemplating your relationships with others. If you let go of your urge to compete and argue you will have more harmonious relationships. Let go of trivial issues, quell your disruptive tendencies and quiet your internal monologue. Listen to those who care about you. 

Capricorn Sun General Forecast: You have to work really hard this lunar month. You have the skills and the knowledge to do it, and you’ve already made a lot of progress, but this lunar month stress is really catching up with you. Try to acknowledge your accomplishments that you have already achieved so that you don’t lose sight of your goals.  

Capricorn Rising Interpersonal Forecast: This lunar month your public composure makes you look unaffected. The weight of personal responsibility and your dedication to respectability are making you feel trapped. You don’t actually know what you’re supposed to be doing but you need to keep looking like you do because there are people that you need to impress.

Capricorn Moon Internal Forecast: This lunar month you have an inner conflict between your ambitious and creative mind and your sense of ethics and honesty. You are overthinking this conflict, it is naive to think you can always be fair and truthful and still do what needs to be done. Sometimes what is right situationally and what is ethical are different. Separate these ideas.  

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