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Dear readers,

As you might have noticed I’ve been running more updates on the site and Patreon-locking some posts. This, along with other measures that I have implemented, such as disabling commenting and changing how my email is displayed on here, has done wonders for cleaning up my inbox in regards to spam, scams, and trolls. And protecting the bandwidth on my server. This frees me up to be able to communicate with my real clients more efficiently. As my regulars or anyone who has at least read this site thoroughly knows, I pretty much work only by commission so it’s imperative that real humans are able to contact me without getting lost in a flood of bot spam.

I have actually been posting more in-depth, blog-style posts on Patreon lately. My Tumblrs are still very much available to those who have accounts, though I have not done much blogging on there this month. While plagiarism has always been an issue on that platform, I don’t intend to quit Tumblr ever. I have to stay true to my blogging roots, lol. However, in light of some new FCC rules and other laws that my country is passing in regards to the internet and websites, I may have to completely remove or archive some posts both here and on Tumblr. We shall see.

I have been surprisingly quite busy during this pandemic, but if you would like to contact me about anything (within reason) on any platform, please feel free to send me a message. (If the message is not “within reason” I reserve the right to ignore it.)

In regards to a previous blog announcement, for those of you not on my Patreon, I should mention that the podcast will probably not be publicly available until sometime next year.

I will continue to implement more changes and updates to improve the experiences of both my clients and myself as a one-woman enterprise. On that note, I would like to remind everyone that I will not be performing weddings or any other in-person services while we’re still in the throes of a viral disease crisis. It already says that on the wedding page, and it should go without saying for in-person tarot readings.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay home!

Love always,


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