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Star-Card Forecasts For every Sun, Moon, and Rising Sign

For the lunar month beginning September 17th, and ending on October 16th. The Sun sign readings are general life forecasts of the lunar month for those with that sun sign. Please also check your rising/ascendant and moon sign readings for a more precise reading. If you know your birth time you can look up your rising and moon signs on The Rising sign readings look into dating, work, your public image and all other interpersonal and exterior matters. The Moon sign readings offer insight into your emotional and mental state, the concerns that are on your heart and mind and other internal matters. This does not constitute an astrological reading, as that would require your full birth chart, if you would like to consult an astrologer for a personal horoscope I would be happy to recommend one to you, but I do not offer those services myself. (I just got very detailed and accurate micro-nativity done by Salt at and I will post a full review of Salt and Sfinga’s services later)

I skipped the photographs of each spread this month because that’s 36 pictures and taking those them, editing them, and uploading them is why it took me so long after the actual new moon to get the last forecasts published. Anyway, enjoy!

Aquarius Sun General Forecast: This lunar month is an auspicious time to pursue new work. This could relate to a job or career but also personal projects. You will see the benefits of your labor before the next new moon if you jump on it now.

Aquarius Rising Interpersonal Forecast: This lunar month a relationship or friendship in which you once felt secure will be revealed to not be what it seems. This will cause disappointment and feelings of betrayal but it will not come as a complete surprise.

Aquarius Moon Internal Forecast: This lunar month you will battle feelings of guilt and a sense of being stuck, however while you examine these emotions, If you muster the will power and work though it, you will find your inner strength and tame these demons. 

Pisces Sun General Forecast: While at first this lunar cycle may seem prosperous for you because you are feeling warm-hearted and inspired, by the next new moon you will be feeling much less generous so you should hold on to your resources.

Pisces Rising Interpersonal Forecast: A recent hurt will make you realize you need to conserve your emotional energy, this betrayal will not go unaddressed, however and the offending party will experience the consequences of their misdeeds by the next new moon.

Pisces Moon Internal Forecast: This lunar month you will feel like your hard work isn’t quite paying off yet, it is important to remember that it is always darkest before the dawn and this helplessness that you feel will fade away eventually. 

Aries Sun General Forecast: This is a good lunar month for you, expect good news or breakthrough very soon. Also, things will start moving forward for you financially and you will find fulfillment in your relationships towards the next new moon.

Aries Rising Interpersonal Forecast: This is a flirtatious lunar month full of opportunity, inspiration and good sex. This is a steamy, dreamy time, and you may find some of your fantasies becoming your reality by the next new moon.

Aries Moon Internal Forecast: You have potential for great happiness this lunar cycle, this will likely peak on the full moon, nn the waning half of this lunar month you should keep any good news you have a secret, do not brag about what has brought you joy.

Taurus Sun General Forecast: Changes are coming for you this lunar month. You have the potential to start something new, but the challenges ahead of you are going to be quite painful. Expect some sorrow as a result of these changes.

Taurus Rising Interpersonal Forecast: You need to spend some time alone this lunar cycle.  avoid others and busy areas. Now is a good time to read, meditate, and pursue education. This period of isolation can lead to personal inspiration and accomplishments.

Taurus Moon Internal Forecast: This is a depressing lunar month for you, during this cycle you are going to be spending time licking your emotional wounds. Do not resort to vices in order to cope with your feelings. Recovery will require you to be kind to yourself and your body.

Gemini Sun General Forecast: The winds of change bring great opportunities for you this lunar cycle, but you have to work for them, there is boundless potential for you before the next new moon if you are able to focus on putting effort into your goals.

Gemini Rising Interpersonal Forecast: This lunar month remember not to emotionally invest in people who don’t put the same amount of effort into the relationship as you do. You are likely going to find yourself disappointed by a non-reciprocal emotional connection by the time the new moon rolls around.

Gemini Moon Internal Forecast: There is a lot waiting on your mind this lunar month. You must look but all these things that are causing you stress in an analytical fashion. Through to the heart, to the source of this baggage and your outlook, and future, will change.

Cancer Sun General Forecast: This lunar month you need to turn your nurturing tendencies inward. You know that there are things that you need to accomplish,  but you are feeling held back, trapped even, you need to accept the fact that you yourself need help.

Cancer Rising Interpersonal Forecast: During this lunar cycle you should turn your back on some former companions. Avoid those who are excessively proud or stubborn, particularly if they are young men. If you do not, you will have only yourself to blame for ignoring the red flags.

Cancer Moon Internal Forecast: You find yourself weighing  a decision this lunar month. Be sure to take your time while making your considerations, your future ambitions depend on you proceeding slowly at this time. The best decision is to wait on your decision. 

Leo Sun General Forecast: Now is a particularly auspicious time for you to pursue higher education or a trade. The work that you put in during this lunar cycle will establish your place in the world, you also may find yourself in the position of a leader or teacher figure as you mentor someone else.

Leo Rising Interpersonal Forecast: This lunar month is very good for your relationships. You will find fulfillment and see things coming to fruition in regards to your social, emotional, and sexual labor. This can be a time of deeper love with a current partner, or a new romance. 

Leo Moon Internal Forecast: This lunar month you’re feeling stretched thin, but this stems a deep sensitivity that you’re currently feeling. This is a good time to write poetry or journal. However, do not share your poetry or deep inner thoughts with other people.

Virgo Sun General Forecast: This lunar month you need to guard your heart. You may find yourself on the defensive until the new moon. A paternal or authority figure might cause you emotional stress, even if it is in an effort to reach out to you.

Virgo Rising Interpersonal Forecast: This is a time of joy and stability in your friendships and relationships. This lunar month you will find reason to celebrate with loved ones and will be inspired in your creative and personal pursuits.

Virgo Moon Internal Forecast: This lunar month you are likely to enjoy a time of mental stability and creativity, however you will have a sudden change, a paradigm shift, but the result will be satisfying and it put you in touch with some warm emotions.

Libra Sun General Forecast: This will be a busy lunar month for you, but, unsurprisingly as you approach your solar return, you will be experiencing a lot of personal power during this time. Armed with shrewd mental clarity, you will find it easy to communicate, and if need be, defend your thoughts and position. 

Libra Rising Interpersonal Forecast: Knowledge is power for you this lunar month, so dispense it carefully. This should be a generally prosperous time for you, and you will experience much generosity, love, and friendship during this cycle.

Libra Moon Internal Forecast: You are mulling over a financial decision this lunar month, likely some kind of long-term situation. If you plant the right seeds now, and build from a strong foundation, you yourself will develop the means to follow through with your ambitions.

Scorpio Sun General Forecast: This lunar month you’re not just carrying burdens, you’re juggling them. Learn to choose your battles more wisely. You are going to totally exhaust yourself by the end of the lunar cycle if you don’t put something down.

Scorpio Rising Interpersonal Forecast: This is not a good month for you emotionally regarding your friendships. You feel wounded and trapped and are looking for relief, you’re likely to place this emotional burden squarely on your partner, treating them more like a parent.

Scorpio Moon Internal Forecast: This lunar month you will engage in many dramatic internal fantasies. This is a time of daydreams, but it is okay to indulge them. These creative mental exercises will bring you joy, and there is no harm in entertaining these fancies. 

Sagittarius Sun General Forecast: You have been stuck in your head lately, this lunar month will knock you off your cloud and bring you back to reality. A sudden dramatic change will put your secrets out in the open and force you to appeal to and rely upon external authority.

Sagittarius Rising Interpersonal Forecast: You might have acquired a new business partner through an idea of yours or opportunity that arose, and this lunar month you stand to reap the benefits of your labor in regards to that, but you may have to fight for it. Be direct about your expectations. 

Sagittarius Moon Internal Forecast: This lunar month you may be struggling with maternal issues. You are feeling particularly sensitive during this time, and it reminds you of your need to be nurtured and cared for, but instead of feeling loved you feel trapped by guilt or regret.

Capricorn Sun General Forecast: This lunar month sees you trying to cut away from a stressful past. The foundation is there for you to move forward, but it won’t be easy. Though the journey may be harrowing if you are cool and objective you can push forward past this. 

Capricorn Rising Interpersonal Forecast: This lunar month you are reminded not to take your friends for granted. Selfishness could lead to conflict, and this conflict could lead to a cold, passive-aggressive stalemate. You have everything you need, so don’t waste time envying others. 

Capricorn Moon Internal Forecast: You should be making plans, plot out your work in advance.  Think of who your potential investors and customers will be. After you’ve spent this lunar cycle thinking everything over in your mind, you will be ready to act out your plans in the real world.

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