Banshee’s Sorcerous Services

Tarot and oracle card readings are available by appointment and performed over email, Skype*, or phone. Other forms of divination are available upon request, but must be discussed over email, Skype, or phone.

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Art, charm, candle, and spell bath, etc. commissions are also available, however, due to flakes, for custom work a non-refundable cost of materials fee must be paid up front in advance unless I know you personally. Also, oil paintings are a huge NOPE. I will work with almost any other medium but oil.

Custom invocational poetry and spells can be written for you upon request, but will require a divination session beforehand. Poetry that I have written may NOT be published elsewhere. I will not write an invocation to a god I do not like.

If you want me to actually do a spell or ritual for you we must discuss it for up to a few hours and do some divination on your situation. Depending on your request it could take anywhere from a couple hours to a couple months to manifest.** Many times clients realize all they really needed was someone to talk to, therefore the base price of such work is the same as tarot reading ($40 min SDP), and any action we take beyond that is extra. This means usually 50% to 20% of the price of a spell commission will come from the consultation session. Magic work is artwork, therefore there is a fee for the cost of materials. So the rate calculated as: Time and complexity of consultation + cost of ingredients + cost of my time to do the ritual.

12377945_207628319581675_1987284838187806888_oSometimes, if it’s an emergency, and a client is financially destitute, I will do some magic for free. However, whether the situation is an emergency or not is up to my discretion. I cannot accept payment for the use of malevolent magic on someone, and am unlikely to do such to a stranger without a very convincing and just cause.

I do NOT do single-card-readings. They’re pretty much useless and a waste of my time and yours.

As a reader, a witch, and a human being, I reserve the right to refuse my services to anyone at any time for any reason, and I am not obligated to disclose my reasons for refusal. If a service is refused that has already been paid for the refused customer will receive a full refund.

Payments for more expensive services can be made in chunks over a few months.

Fees for live, in-person classes and workshops I teach are to be paid through the venues at which they are hosted, and are subject to the venue’s terms and conditions, not my own.

*video chat currently unavailable while I replace my webcam

Questions and requests may be emailed to

 or you may call or text (text preferred): 504-457-7751

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Legal Notice: Tarot readings booked through this site are legally classified as entertainment. The tarot reader, herein referred to as “Banshee”, is not liable for the results of actions you, the client, take as a result of, or in spite of, the reading you purchased. You should not solicit advice, directly or through writings, as to the value of securities or as to the advisability of investing in, purchasing, or selling securities, or any report or analysis concerning securities. Banshee is not a stock broker, economist, or a market analyst. Any financial topics and advice that come up in your reading should be regarded the same you would regard the advice of your friend, neighbor, or family member.

Banshee cannot specifically give medical prognoses. Any health advice or suggestions Banshee gives is given under the stipulation that the client also get the opinion of their doctor on any potential issues regarding their health that may come up in the reading. Health information available from Banshee is general health information and for educational purposes only. This is not a medical advice line, hospital, or medical or clinical facility. Banshee, the psychic advisor, cannot diagnose illnesses, provide treatments, or prescribe medications. And by booking a reading, you agree that you shall not use it to seek any of the foregoing. In case of a medical emergency or urgent situation, please see a professional health care provider.

Spells, incantations, candles, potions, etc., and other items available through this site are classified as artwork, and are Banshee’s intellectual property. **When purchasing one of these items you are paying for the raw materials, time, and care put into making the item/artwork, whether it is a physical object, or a digital good or service. You are NOT paying for the perceived metaphysical result that the item may or may not have, as such results cannot be guaranteed.** These are simply religious artworks and services, and all prices are listed as SDP, that is: “suggested donation price”.

In the state of Louisiana all handmade artworks and goods are free of sales tax, as well as all goods shipped out of state, as such, all prices are as marked. However, the SDP does not include shipping. All goods and services will include an invoice or receipt in digital form, via PayPal, email, or SMS. All sales, tips, donations, etc. are final.