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Rates are determined as follows:

Short reading, 6-10 cards, approx. 20-30 minutes: $40 [link]

Follow up cards & questions after 12 cards have been pulled: $5 each

Minimum SDP for a long reading, 15-20 cards, aprrox. 30-45 minutes: $60 [link]

Follow up cards & questions after 22 cards have been pulled: $5 each

Average rate for every minute exceeding an hour (60 minutes): $1.50 per minute

Minimum SDP for a solid one-hour reading averaging 15-24 cards: at least $90 [link]

Minimum SDP for two-hour reading: $185 [link]

If you ask me to pull out a second deck, or divination method: add $25 to base SDP.

If you ask for some kind of mediumship (like asking what a particular spirit wants to tell you): add $40 more to base SDP

Repeat clients are subject to discounts 🙂

My rates are flexible, but these prices are far lower than what many brick-and-mortar shops here in New Orleans charge, keep that in mind before you complain about rates. And remember, sexy people tip well.

Use the buttons below to pay the estimated price of your reading:

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Fifteen Dollars Twenty Dollars   Twenty-Five Dollars   Thirty Dollars
SDP: $15.00  SDP: $20.00 SDP: $25.00 SDP: $30.00
Forty Dollars   Fifty Dollars   Sixty Dollars   Any Increment
SDP: $40.00 SDP: $50.00 SDP: $60.00 SDP: $10-$200

You can read customer reviews of my readings and other services here.

If you have any questions email , or text 504-457-7751.

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Legal Notice: Tarot readings booked through this site are legally classified as entertainment. The tarot reader, herein referred to as “Banshee”, is not liable for the results of actions you, the client, take as a result of, or in spite of, the reading you purchased. You should not solicit advice, directly or through writings, as to the value of securities or as to the advisability of investing in, purchasing, or selling securities, or any report or analysis concerning securities. Banshee is not a stock broker, economist, or a market analyst. Any financial topics and advice that come up in your reading should be regarded the same you would regard the advice of your friend, neighbor, or family member.

Banshee cannot specifically give medical prognoses. Any health advice or suggestions Banshee gives is given under the stipulation that the client also get the opinion of their doctor on any potential issues regarding their health that may come up in the reading. Health information available from Banshee is general health information and for educational purposes only. This is not a medical advice line, hospital, or medical or clinical facility. Banshee, the psychic advisor, cannot diagnose illnesses, provide treatments, or prescribe medications. And by booking a reading, you agree that you shall not use it to seek any of the foregoing. In case of a medical emergency or urgent situation, please see a professional health care provider.