The Banshee Behind the Blog

Bodacious  is a word that evolved in American English from the words “bold” and “audacious”. It is taken to mean audacious in a way considered admirable, and even attractive. As a small child I took the word to be somehow connected with Boudica, the ancient warrior queen of the Celtic Iceni tribe. As an adult I discovered that the word and the name are etymologically unrelated. Still, I can’t break such a long held mental association. Besides, Boudica was a pretty bodacious lady. The banshee part comes from the Irish “bean sidhe”, literally meaning “fairy woman”, but usually used in reference to spirits that scream and wail to warn of impending death. Banshee has been a nickname of mine for years for various reasons.

I would describe myself as a hereditary hedgewitch, my practice is deeply personal, ancestral, and eclectic. I am also a peer-reviewed mythology researcher and alternative/informal education teacher. I am a practiced diviner proficient in tarot, as well as other forms of divination. I enjoy explaining complex-but-subtle metaphysical concepts in clear and comprehensible terms. I also possesses an extensive interest in, and growing knowledge of, occult symbolism and ancient religions.

The Bodacious Banshee blog, both here and on Tumblr (operating since 2011), is a site dedicated to expression of and education about my particular magical and spiritual path. As an expression of my varied interests, these blogs are about magic(k), occult, necromancy, ancestor veneration, witchcraft, mythology, history, ancient civilizations, anthropology, etymology, and other esoteric subjects, as well as personal ramblings and a bit of humor.

Though my psychic abilities are lifelong and inherited from my late parents, I have been publicly reading tarot for as long as I have been blogging. For more about my divination services read this. I will make talismans, perform spell work, and dress and design candles by commission, and you may read more about that here. Please be sure to read the legal notice and all terms and conditions on my readings and commissions pages before sending me an email or payment.

If you found my website while searching for a wedding officiant, please read the entire weddings page and follow the instructions when sending an email.

I will make an announcement on my blogs when the calendar and events page is finally live, feel free to email or DM me on social media about booking and scheduling.

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